If your profile has been rejected, please make sure you are abiding by the following guidelines. Bohri Cupid is very selective of the profiles we allow on the platform.

Community and Profile Guidelines

Profile Picture

   - Upload a high-quality, clear, and well-lit profile photo. Avoid mirror selfies or low-resolution images.

   - Choose a recent picture that represents your authentic self.

Additional Photos

   - Add multiple photos that showcase your interests, hobbies, and personality. Variety is key.

   - Include photos of you engaged in activities you love, whether it's hiking, traveling, or enjoying a hobby.

Bio Information

   - Write a genuine and engaging bio that reflects your personality, interests, and what you're looking for.

   - Be concise and informative, but don't overshare personal information.

Honesty Matters

   - Be truthful about your age, height, and other personal details. Honesty is crucial in building trust.

   - If you are thought to be underage your profile will be rejected. In that case please provide a picture of an ID that lists your date of birth.

Positivity and Respect

   - Keep a positive tone in your profile. Avoid negativity or derogatory language.

   - Treat others with respect and kindness in both your bio and your interactions.

Spelling and Grammar

   - Pay attention to spelling and grammar in your bio. A well-written profile is more appealing.

Respect the Community Guidelines

    - Familiarize yourself with the app's community guidelines and adhere to them.

    - Understand that inappropriate content or behavior may result in account suspension.

Remember that your dating profile is your first impression on potential matches, so presenting yourself authentically, positively, and with respect is key to creating a good profile. High-quality photos and genuine information will increase your chances of connecting with like-minded individuals.